Weltschmertz is a German word, which literally means: World-wounded. In a book by Robert B. Parker, ‘A freefall in crimson’, he described the word as meaning: Homesick for a place I’ve never been. Much of my quest as a seeker has been to find a place where I have felt at home.

In returning to Lyons, where I spent a good portion of my life, I was struck by the feeling of not knowing the place. I recognized very few of the people, and felt as an outsider.

‘You can’t stick your foot in the same river twice’.

Although I have enjoyed meeting many old friends, I recognized my life is no longer here. As this phase of our trip comes to a close,  and we put Molly into a safe harbor for the winter, I would like to acknowledge a gift that I have received: it turns out that the homesickness for a place that I have never been is not a place at all. I have never been more at home, whether it be the prairies of Saskatchewan, the deserts of Nevada, the ocean beaches of California, or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, are all equally my home, as long as I’m with my ‘kleine gezin’.

6 thoughts on “Weltschmerz

  1. I can feel by the tears in my eyes how truthfull these words are.
    I am very happy you’re home together.

    Reminds me of a(mantra) song:

    I’ve been travelling a day
    I’ve been travelling a year
    I have been travelling a life time
    to find my way home

    Home is where the heart is
    Home is where the heart is
    Home is where the heart is,
    my heart is with you.

    Love Trudy

  2. Hoi Thom,
    wat mooi geschreven, het raakt me,
    ik ben blij om te weten dat je thuis bent
    Liefs Jenny

  3. Lieve Thom,
    Jouw woorden ontoeren me. Wat een geschenk om je met “je kleine gezin” zo te kunnen voelen.
    Hoe avontuurlijk, spannend en mooi jullie reis ook is, “travelling home where is your heart is” is denk ik toch het allermooiste wat je/jullie kan overkomen.
    Liefs Tonnt

  4. Kennelijk ben ik zo onder de indruk dat ik het presteer om in een enkele regel 3 fouten te maken.
    Sorry, ik zag het te laat. Tonny

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