We are here

We are here

Now we are here. Now I am typing this, sitting on our balcony with hammock, in de soft wind. Now I am seeing palm trees and mango trees and lots more leafy things. Now there was a coconut falling on our roof and am I hearing chirping, clucking, whistling and a little croaking, and the whispering of the wind. And I hear Tom’s voice as he reads to Jonas (Isn’t Pig Won’t naughty?). Now I smell scents that are hard to describe, sweet, moist and vaguely familiar, but I don’t know from where. A dream? A different life? The tropical glasshouses in the zoo? Because that is were we are living now.

The hotel is called Casa Verde and it is a big blooming garden with little hoses in it and a nice cool pool. Outside is the town of Porto Viejo, a messy mix of restaurants, shops, pole houses and market stalls. Everything is yellow, green, very pink, purple blue and flaking. Signs and arrows everywhere. It reminds me most of the Dutch theatre festival De Parade, with its colorful tents and strange objects. But right at the ocean.

The beach is also messy and merges into Main Street. Poles, palm trees, boats in every color are lying on the sand. The ocean is grey and wild and nobody is swimming. There was a storm somewhere and now we have to wait for calmer winds before she will be blue and swimmable again. That won’t be long, people say. But everything here goes very slow and sleepy.

We have to get used to that. Our traveling here was long and hectic, with as highlight going through luggage control at Denver International Airport with three bags, a laptop and a crying Jonas: we had to remove our shoes, our jackets, our suspenders and an unsmiling lady of customs insisted upon testing Jonas’ sippy cups with apple juice for explosives. While he was drinking them all the time. She probably suspects us of being terrible international terrorists, training our baby to drink nitroglycerine, Tom said.

We are still a bit in that mode. There are also still some things to do, we have to find a place to rent for the winter, have to buy stuff and to arrange stuff. But may be we don’t have to do that now.

Tom is testing the hammock. It’s creaking, but it doesn’t fall. Time for siesta? Or will I first do my emailing?

We will keep you informed. We’ll probably be here for some time. If you want to come and enjoy and join us here for a while, be very welcome! Because we do think we found something like paradise here

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