Tom blogt

Tom blogt

We are approaching Thunder Bay and feel like we are really on the open road. The scenery has been spectacular, and the weather warm and sunny. Along with campfires at night (we had prime rib last night) there has been a few misadventures: pulling in to park at Rainbow Falls I cut a little too sharply and rode about a meter down buddy’s bumper.. My heart sank when one of the fellows got out of his truck, wearing an OPP-cap (police!). I was very contrite and Jonas and Annet helped me to plead utter idiocy. No harm to buddy’s bumper, but a meter long stripe on our slider, which is like the first stitches at Jerry Cheaver’s mask.

We’re getting the hang of setting up camp, breaking up camp and traveling. Even Jonas is happy to get into his car seat and ‘go go go’.

I feel very grateful to all our dear friends who helped us with the preparation of ‘Molly’ and their support in our long awaited departure. Non showed more forbearance then dear aunt Edith, who breathed an even bigger sigh of relief then we did, when we finally got on our way.. As I dictate this to my wife/secretary and the open road stretches before us, I feel a peace and gratitude in what my life has provided

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  1. Dear,Thomas,

    Now jou are now the “Father’.Don’nt get trapt in that role.you don’t have to know,anything.
    I feel,that you heave the urge,to be a good papa.And partner for Annet.
    I love you very much.
    Love is the only thing.What matters,right ?

  2. You bet you feel gratitude! Annet is one of the finest persons in the whole frikkin’ world! Howdie, Thomas, onwards to where no man has been before! Love, Renze

  3. Tom,
    I’m so pleased for you and for the TAJ caravan. We miss you a lot: we got used to having you around Ottawa. Now we have to share you wish the rest of North America!

    Molly will more and more be your vehicle with each little mishap along the way.

    May you all be blessed and a blessing each day of your magnificent journey! 🙂

    with much love,

    your brother Daniel

  4. Way to go guys…and what’s a little scrape between friends? Battle scars are all part of the journey. I can see you in my mind’s eye, on the road, with all these new experiences ahead of you and with the love and support of your friends from all over following you; living vicariously through you! I wish you joy and peace with each step you take on this adventure and look forward to reading all about it as it unfolds.

    A big hug to all three of you,


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