Tom blogt 2

Tom blogt 2

Learning curve

Our excellent RV-adventure continues to reveal all that we don’t know about RV-living. Our brand new Hercules tires had a quick one-in-four failure rate. Presently we are 200 kilometers West of Thunder Bay, where our succor is coming from. After getting underway, in good spirits and good order, we are now waiting roadside assistance.

The weather is sunny, hot and humid, but at least our new air conditioner is working. The downside is a four hours-wait before we are mobile again, the upside is: no one has required helicopter evacuation, like we witnessed on our trip here…

The learning curve has been a steep one, which included: sealing an entire RV, ants invasion,  air conditioner removal by a tree limb, backing in a straight line and/or tight places, a rotted out floor, redecoration of the interior, proper hitching protocol, accumulated expense of petrol, camp fees, firewood, lost camera, just to name a few… , the management of Mr. Squirmy (this is a full time job), while setting up and tearing down camp, and allowing Annet time to work. All have cut in to my relaxation time.

We seem to be coping well and are taking our lead from Jonas, who is treating this as just another day in his life with Molly.

Much love to all my Dutch friends and family, Thomas

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  1. Ah to be blessed with the simple life of your journey, the blessed trinity of your family: TAJ you have the good life! 🙂

    There is no better way than to take it one day at a time, with open-eyed, open-hearted wonder, learning from experiences, and trusting in each other and the One who is taking care of you! 🙂

  2. Well Hello! Finally to have word of your journey is just great. I have wondered where you were and how to get in touch.

    I am currently in beautiful Durango, at a yoga intensive with a gifted senior teacher. Very glad to be here, currently watching the sun set through two window walls of the bedroom in which I am staying.

    All is well and I so look forward to catching up. I will be doing the retreat in Boulder so will miss you in Asilomar. Will you be coming to Boulder? If so, WHEN? I want to meet the beautiful boy, as last I saw him he was inside Annet.

    With Love to the Three of You,


    P.S. Are you checking email?

  3. thanks, Thomasco!!!! So touched to see all of you & Johnnie & Edith, too. Lake shots are magnif, remind me of No. MN. Have fun at the wedding, see you in CA. CAN’T WAIT!!! I fly into San Jose @ 11 am so may get down there early…I’ll check parking lots for Molly. If she’s there but you’re afoot, perhaps leave a note on door where to look for you. I can feel the tears already. Email Rennie if you can come to Small group. xoxo, myn

  4. Tom, It is so good to hear from you e-mail or otherwise. After reading Annett’s letter I wouldn’t take her on a motorcycle “adventure” don’t forget to skip Utah cuz of your history there. Looking forward to seeing you soon! (I hope! I know you have a lot on your plate) I am gunna guess that “Molly” is your fifth wheel. I hope this finds all three(five) of you well and I hope to see you soon.

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