The Way Of The Sloth

The Way Of The Sloth

Dick, Annet’s father and Jonas’ grandfather, remarked that one of the most underrated arts was the Art of Laziness. Our friend the sloth is showing us the way. This benign creature appears to look at the world with a rather unflappable benevolence. We saw one sound asleep on a tree limb overhanging the main road, trucks passing underneath, missing her by a few feet. She survives on fruits and needs very little to satiate her between the frequent naps.

Laziness is a sin, particularly abhorred in our busy Western minds. This creature teaches us to take things serenely (tranquila), to enjoy the rain, the sun, ‘Om te roeien met de riemen die we hebben’ to row with the peddles we’ve got.

Hopefully opa brought some of this teaching back to the old country, where it seems like sometimes people are at a loss when they are not very busy doing something. If this is a sin, then I may quote here Marten Luther, who said: ‘Sin bravely”.

3 thoughts on “The Way Of The Sloth

  1. My dear Tom,

    My Bible says in the Book of Proverbs, ch 6, vs 6:
    ‘Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise’ (King James Translation).

    On my last familyparty, yesterday evening, I told about the sloth in your garden.
    And I suggested that in our busy western society it’s time to turn around this biblical wisdom into this new one:
    ‘Go to the sloth you ant. See her way of life and be wise’.
    People recognized the sence of it. That’s encouraging.
    So I started already the job you gave me.
    But to turn aroud a three tousand year old wisdom, it’s a hell of a job!
    And then not alone speaking, but doing so!

    See my email of today to Annet,

    Wit love,


  2. There is insight to be grasped, wisdom to gain in any encounter with nature, with cultures other than our own, even with people who simply do things differently. There is such a diversity of possibilities we close ourselves to when we stay in our familiar, (un)comfortable ruts.

    I’m so looking forward to learning from the sloths, and being with my friends TAJ!! 🙂

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