The Snowbirds Have Flown the Coop

The Snowbirds Have Flown the Coop

We’ve bid adieu to Dan and Claire and Lynn and Gladys, who’ve returned to the Northern climes. A wonderful visit, but all too short.

Among the many gifts that Claire brought, was 4 liters of maple syrup, which we have consumed with mucho gusto. We have developed a delicious recipe for ‘Banana con Leche’

Banana Con Leche Habitante:

3 ripe frozen bananas

1 liter of milk

a dash of vanilla extract


a pinch of salt

maple syrup (amount may vary, depending on taste)

Blend it, make it extra foamy. Serves 2.

This concoction has all the richness and flavor of a milkshake, without the guilt. We consume this beverage, taking solace from it’s rich creamy smoothness and lament our dear departed friends.  Vaya con Dios, mi amigos!

2 thoughts on “The Snowbirds Have Flown the Coop

  1. ah, we miss you all as well TAJ. We’ve been talking about you guys and Costa Rica wishing we were still there! 🙂

    We look forward to welcoming you back to Ottawa this summer!

  2. That Banana con Leche was delicious but couldn’t hold a candle to the hospitality in all its splendor offered at Casa TAJ! Muchas Gracias mi amigos…until we meet again over frozen bananas at Casa Stonebridge Haven! ♥

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