Rasta Vibe

Rasta Vibe

We find ourselves in the middle of a multinational community, with an unique Carabian flavor.

One of my favorite restaurants is ‘Lydia’s’, whose house speciality is steamed snapper in a Carabian sauce. She serves this delicacy with a unique rice, cooked with coconut milk. Her grandparents came from Jamaica, as did many of the forbearers of the citizens of Puerto Viejo. This culture is distinguished by the Jamaican picque-lock-language and Bob Marley is the Patron Saint of this Rastafarian flavored subculture. There are 43 different nationalities, represented as permanent residents of the community.

We got quite an education from Emilio, an expat Spaniard, who dropped out as an oil tycoon and turned native 16 years ago. He has taking up a new occupation as an architect, and he introduced us to his beautiful homes. He builds them entirely of native wood, without any glass, and an ingenious loft-design, which keeps the houses well ventilated. Our hope is that we will be living in one, starting in December.. From our room we can hear the thrum of reggae, as the birds in the canopies join in in contra tempo.

We like it here, and hope to have a spare room for all of you who might wish to join us.

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