Broken dishes

Broken dishes

We made good time as we entered into the prairies with open sailing ahead. In the operation of a fifth wheel one must be as conscious of movement as if one were at sea.

As our galley is in the stern of Molly, it precieves the brunt of heavy weather.

When we came through Winnipeg we ran in to an ocean of construction. Consequently Molly’s tail trashed about in the turbulence. Most of our dishes broke, and cups, bowls and glasses.. I did have a special box for my oillamps, so they survived safely. So no tears were shed, at least by me.

Found a nice , open campground with free wood in Redvers, Saskatchewan. Grilled salmon for diner, with Annet’s salad. Tonight it’s beef tenderloin, fresh sweet corn and all the fresh produces we can find by the road side. Sometimes it’s appropriate to gloat.

Heading due west, under sunny skies, taking the 13 and the 39 to Moose Jaw.


2 thoughts on “Broken dishes

  1. Ahhh, thought that might happen to some of the dishes. What a mess to clean up! But fresh veggies, salmon, beef tenderloin….yup, gloating definitely has its moments!

    Hope you have a great time in Medicine Hat!


  2. yup yup yup, putting the dishes in and imagining the beating they might take,I’m not surprised. Unbreakable dishes (melamite) is likely the way to go. Glad you’re enjoying the fruit of the land as you go my friends! 🙂

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